Dublin – a City of Contrasts

Dublin – a city that can surprise even the most difficult tourist with overcoming stereotypes by provoking curiousity and imagination. Take this picture for example, it is the first picture I took in Dublin but is it my favourite.

Most people take a few seconds to look at the photo, taking it all in.  Personally, the picture illustrates the contrasting sides of the city – the stereotypical one of a blue collar, hard drinking, and rough city streets.  I purposely took the picture in black and white to make the scene seem colder and gloomier.  The fact that the Guinness truck was there was pure coincendental but serves as a nice representation of the hard drinking outings for the locals.  Secondly, the person in the foreground serves as the opposing contrast as she is looking at something or waiting for something, but all the same, it is curious as to why she is there.  This person represents the curiousity that Dublin offers to its visitors, its history, culture, people, and the city itself is a warm, vibrant, creative metropolis that only makes you want to explore further.



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