Surprising Dublin

It is difficult to capture the spirit of Dublin with the written word – it is more of a feeling that you have when in the city but let me try and capture some of this energy.  People have assumptions that the Irish drink a lot which is true and I am sure people have assumptions that the city has a rough blue collar feel to it which mirrors the personality of the locals.  Even my own mother told me as I was leaving to not drink too much – the Irish are crazy!  Mothers will be mothers.   Don’t let this seemingly drunk infested culture deter you from visiting – you will regret it.  Let me break down Dublin in a few easy to read sections:

The People:

The Irish locals may be one of the more friendly people I have ever met – there is no attitude, no arrogance, simply sincerity and genuine curiousity to learn more about you and why you are in Dublin.  If you ever need a lending hand – ask the Irish – they will be first on scene.

Attractions:  If you ever get tired of drinking the Guinness (and let’s be honest, this won’t happen) – there are many things to go and see to keep you busy:

1> Trinity College

Where you will find the oldest book in the world – the “Book of Kells”.  Also the library itself is stunning and filled with thousands of books with the greatest minds.  Great spot or taking interesting photos.

2> Grafton Street

Where you can shop to your heart’s content.

3> Walking the River Liffey

The River Liffey divides the city into North and South areas – the South being the more tourist area while the North more geared towards the locals.  Both areas are worth checking out.  Walking along the river (while also great exercise after eating and drinking) provides another great spot for photos along with finding your way though Dublin streets and the various interesting stores.

4> St. Stephen’s Green

This is a miniature version of London’s Hyde Park or New York’s Central Park – but somewhere to people watch while sipping a coffee.

5> Guinness Storehouse

Enough said – there is an excellent viewing area at the top to have a free pint (included in your admission ticket).

6> Street Shops

While there is Starbucks and McDonald’s at every corner – you will find that there are many interesting shops to wander you way into.  Walking the streets of Dublin you will find the creativity of the locals and if you walk in – experience their hospitality.

Day Trips:

1> Cliffs of Moher

Situated on the Western side of the country – this is a must do when in Dublin.  Don’t let the 3 hour ride deter you – you need to do this.

2> Newgrange and Hill of Tara

This attraction seems to be on the low profile and I can’t understand why as it is a truly amazing experience.  Only 40 minutes out of Dublin City Centre – you also need to do this.  When going – consider booking this trip through Mary Gibbons Tours, she won’t steer you wrong.


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