Tbex 2013 Toronto – Why we are more than just bloggers


I am looking forward to the posts, tweets, and facebook likes about Tbex and more specifically the city of Toronto.  It is safe to assume that there will nothing but rave reviews about the host city.  being a local Torontonian, this makes me proud.  This will only do wonders for Toronto and its tourism industry and will help distract locals and tourists from the daily news of our mayor allededgely smoking crack.

This conference and its attendees and sponsors keep growning each year putting more pressure on the host city.  Think of it like the Olympics only on a bigger scale.  From 700+ attendeess to now 1300+ attendees, I can only imagine how many will attend in Ireland in October.

After this past weekend, I’m not sure if I like the term “blogger” – I’m not sure if it demeans the work that we all do.  If this conference taught me anything, we are content creators, our own brands, that have immediate power over the travel industry though social media.  This state of being connected to a large audience is forcing large companies and brands to look to “bloggers” to tell their story and reinforce it.  Now may be a good time as any to be a travel blogger (content creator).  Companies and brands may need us “bloggers” more than ever.

Personally speaking, what did Tbex teach me:

  • that the travel blogging industry is bigger than I thought it would be
  • companies are taking travel bloggers seriously and forming relationships
  • you might actually be able to create a sustainable businessravel bloggers may be the friendliest people on Earth (apart form Aussies).
  • travel bloggers can drink!

I am planning to attend Tbex 2013 in Dublin and hope to see some familiar faces around the  “charge my device” table.

Safe travels everyone,



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