Local Travels

Oakville, Ontario, Canada is the place I call home.  It is a middle class suburb of Toronto, approximately 30 minutes west of Toronto.  It is the place I grew up and the best place to live in the world.  That is, until I started travelling which broadened my horizons and I wasn’t satisfied with living in my own bubble – I needed to get out there and explore.  Don’t get me wrong, home is home and nothing can change that and each time I return, I am thankful for what I have.  Yes, to travel is apart of my DNA at the same time.

So, I do one or two big trips a year, each time coming home, even though I just wanted to stay out on the road and keep travelling.  My struggle was reality was calling me, the work grind, the 9-5 hustle, ws unfortuntaely just that, reality.  Yet, the travel bug had infected me and I was doing eveything I can to scratch the itch.

One day, I had the idea of writing a traveler’s review of my hometown, maybe I was thinking I could trick myself into being on a trip.  So just as I do on my voyages, I started taking pictures of downtown, of the lake, of churches, and the funny thing, is that it worked for a few minutes – I tricked myself.

Probably the one thing that makes my hometown great is the downtown area.  It is full of shops, coffee shops, right off the lake – just a great place to relax and people watch or to meet up with friends.

See below a few snapshots of my hometown,  I took them during the fall/winter and just got to upload them now.

Who knows, maybe it will make you come and visit!

Oakville Harbour – this picture was taken during the fall – look at all the pretty colours!




Lakeside Park – great place in the summer to relax and stare out to the lake but still nice during the winter!


St. Paul’s Church near the lake – had to take this picture as it is my church!


The Green Bean in the town square is a great place to grab a coffee and people watch – also has great food and desserts!

Love the trees – fall season


Love the red door..mysterious!


Winter Wonderland


Beautiful church at the corner.


The downtown strip during a shop local event.




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