I visited Hawaii in 2012 on my own which I guess is kinda odd as it seems that you would only go on your honeymoon or something like that.  I guess I am different in that way – if I have the opportunity to go, I will take advantage.  I am not one to wait around as I guess I figure life is too short.

Hawaii is a beautiful place and there is lots of opportunity for great photography.  I even went on a photography tour around Oahu which was cool as it was my first organized photo session.  The sunrise picture above is taken from that tour.  I am also a huge fan of the television series “Lost” and went on a tour of where the show was filmed. Very cool.

I visited O’ahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island.  I found O’ahu to be a little too much like Vegas with the clubs, bars, and chain restaurants.  The most popular tourist destination in O’ahu is to see Pearl Harbour.  A must do when in O’ahu even if you are not a history buff.

Probably my favourite was Maui as it has a mix of everything.  Kauai was probababy the most remote place (very good for honeymoon destinations).


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