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Ok, so I am not sure why I had picked going to Amsterdam from London (well actually I do and not, it’s not the “interesting shops.”) I am a big Heineken fan and maybe subconscioulsy I included the destination so I could do the Heineken tour. The tour was pretty cool, very comprehensive in terms of the history of the brew and its connection to the James Bond franchise. Even better, you get free samplers at the end!

If Heineken is not your thing, I would suggest the Anne Frank House (very moving) or taking a tour of the city via the waterbus (reminds me of Venice).

And yes, I did take a tour of the Red Light District although I have very few pictures as I was told your camera may get confiscated if you take pictures of the ladies..if you know what I mean.

The only picture I have is this Christian building which I thought was pretty ironic!


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