migliori foto di Italia

Venice CanalFlorenceVenice6610_112332935964_8247990_n

CalabriaRome Square at Night

So my first real trip was visiting Italy in the summer of 2009.

What I mean by real trip is visiting a country besides the U.S., Mexico, Cuba, DR, etc – not sure why I considered going to Italy was my first real trip (maybe because it didn’t have the words all inclusive beside my ticket).

Italy is known as a romantic country to visit – visions filled with fine wine, food, and espresso. Italy offers the best of sights and countryside and can appease the most finicky tourist who prefers the tourist sights and sounds or the quite countryside and lifestyle. Should one wish to experience more of an authentical Italian culture, then the Calabrese region is one not to miss where you will experience the local town culture and experience while eating the best lasgna you have ever had. My personal favourite was my time spent here as it was a pleasant change from the tourist traps.

Speaking of tourist traps, common sense always prevails but be particulary careful around the Trevi fountain as it is prone to pick pocketers and the sorts and they are aggressive.

I attempted with the pictures included to contrast the tourist sights with the countryside and how Italy offers the best of both worlds.


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