I visited Hawaii in 2012 on my own which I guess is kinda odd as it seems that you would only go on your honeymoon or something like that.  I guess I am different in that way – if I have the opportunity to go, I will take advantage.  I am not one to wait around as I guess I figure life is too short.

Hawaii is a beautiful place and there is lots of opportunity for great photography.  I even went on a photography tour around Oahu which was cool as it was my first organized photo session.  The sunrise picture above is taken from that tour.  I am also a huge fan of the television series “Lost” and went on a tour of where the show was filmed. Very cool.

I visited O’ahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island.  I found O’ahu to be a little too much like Vegas with the clubs, bars, and chain restaurants.  The most popular tourist destination in O’ahu is to see Pearl Harbour.  A must do when in O’ahu even if you are not a history buff.

Probably my favourite was Maui as it has a mix of everything.  Kauai was probababy the most remote place (very good for honeymoon destinations).

Wellington, New Zealand




Probably my proudest country I’ve visited – New Zealand! Home of Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth. I know I said I could live in Australia but New Zealand takes the cake here. Cleaner, fresher, and more vibrant!

Wellington is a small city but the views are breaktaking!

Melbourne, Australia




I found Melbourne to be a little bit grungier compared to Sydney (maybe people disagree with me?.) I took my first tour of a Cricket stadium here which was pretty cool. I didn’t end up going to a game but maybe next time?

For great views of the city, you defintey need to go up 88 floors up the Eureka tower. You will get awesome shots, especially at night!

Sydney, Australia




Fast forward to 2011, specifically March and I am in Sydney, Australia. A dream destination for most people and I am proud to say that I went. I didn’t even find the 20 + hour flight all that bad. Australia is a place that I could see myself living in – clean, fresh, and vibrant. Awesome beaches, friendly people, and the perfect balance of city life and beach life.

Southern France




After Amsterdam, I flew down to Nice to meet my parents who were also on vacation at the time. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for free meals etc especially in the French Riveria. You are in the lap of luxury here and it is hard to ignore the fine food and wine as temptation lies around every corner. As you can see, the beaches are excellent (although rocky) and the views are amazing!

Other suggested day trips: Cannes (where the annual film festival is held). I would have loved to be here for the festival, talk about paparazzi!

Monte Carlo: where the F1 race is held each year and the snazzy Casino also!


Anne Frank38082_413388280964_3927120_n34933_413385890964_3738314_n 34441_413390050964_300613_n

Ok, so I am not sure why I had picked going to Amsterdam from London (well actually I do and not, it’s not the “interesting shops.”) I am a big Heineken fan and maybe subconscioulsy I included the destination so I could do the Heineken tour. The tour was pretty cool, very comprehensive in terms of the history of the brew and its connection to the James Bond franchise. Even better, you get free samplers at the end!

If Heineken is not your thing, I would suggest the Anne Frank House (very moving) or taking a tour of the city via the waterbus (reminds me of Venice).

And yes, I did take a tour of the Red Light District although I have very few pictures as I was told your camera may get confiscated if you take pictures of the ladies..if you know what I mean.

The only picture I have is this Christian building which I thought was pretty ironic!