This blog is focused on travel and travel photography.

I haven’t always travelled, in fact, my first trip to Europe was in 2009. (Italy in fact). Since that initial trip, I have visited approximately 30+ cities and according to Trip Advisor have travelled 4% of the entire world (this stat cannot be verified). I am also considered to be one of the top travel reviewers in Toronto according to Trip Advisor.

My wanderlust has inspired me to connect with others who share a similar passion. My aim is to showcase my travel photos to the global community and help others instill a passion for travel. I want to broaden my own horizons and gain new perspectives and new ideas for my own travels. I believe that travel is a great way to grow as a person and learn in ways only travelling provides.

Evenutally, I would like to see myself using travel as a way to help others and to change the world. Ambitious, I know.

Travellriter was chosen for the handle of this blog as it is straightforward and provides comic relief if nothing else.

Feedback is welcomed.


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